Friday, September 7, 2012

These UIS students are real STARS!

It was my pleasure to spend some time last night with a very special group of UIS students. Destiny, Malcolm, Julian, Nathaniel, Joseph, Andriana and Christopher are all UIS sophomores and members of STARS (Students Transitioning for Academic Retention and Success). We met for dinner at Saputo's Italian Restaurant (a real Springfield landmark) in downtown Springfield to celebrate their academic success last year and to congratulate each student on their leadership role as a sophomore STAR for the coming year. I really admire the courage and commitment of these students, each of whom has addressed significant challenges in order to attend college. I especially appreciate that, at the same time they each remain dedicated to their own studies, they are serving as mentors and role models for our freshmen members of STARS this year. I wish each of you continued success in the coming year and I hope you continue to aim high. Thank you Tarah Sweeting-Trotter for the invitation to join in your celebration last night and congratulations on the positive impact that your program is having – one student at a time!