Thursday, November 7, 2013

Not just November, giving is year-round at UIS

Thanksgiving's month is usually a time when people think about the importance of giving.  Here at UIS, I think we are in that mode year-round. We have student groups and employees giving back to the community in many ways, shapes and forms throughout the year. An important employee-driven charitable campaign at UIS is SECA, which stands for State Employees Care A Lot. UIS employees from September to November have various events on campus that help raise awareness (and money) for various charitable organizations in the community and beyond. Employees also have an opportunity to make contributions on their own. Whether it’s learning how to better use an iPad or getting a lesson in how to make and preserve the Chancellor’s favorite applesauce, we have creative ways to give and help those in need. This photo shows UIS Chef-Extraordinaire, Randy Williams, who has written a book on food preservation, teaching a workshop on applesauce-making. The nice thing about it, was that we all had an opportunity to do some tasting! Yum.