Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rockin' out at UIS

We often think of the work of the university as taking place in the classroom and that is certainly true; but there are all manner of jobs that need doing on a university campus. One particularly difficult job that I've been observing for several weeks as I arrive and depart campus each day has been the reconstruction of a hillside near the Public Affairs Center. 

The solution to a constant erosion problem has been the placement of about 188 tons (yes – tons!) of different sized white rock on the hillside. Grounds worker, Cliff Edwards, came up with the rock idea and installing the rock has been a joint effort for several days by the UIS grounds crew  - with lots of help from Frank Moscardelli, Terry Minder, Brian Beckerman, Steve Crews, and Dave Lock. Much of this rock had to be placed by hand and it was a tough job (to put it mildly) besides which crew members staged the work between all the other routine maintenance tasks that occur this time of year.

The job was finished this week and this photo is of the very last rock being placed (well, maybe we staged that moment just a bit for the sake of the photograph). My thanks to everyone who contributed to accomplishing this important project! It looks awesome.