Monday, February 27, 2012

Students MAP out their future

I had the pleasure this past week of sitting down for a conversation with four UIS students; Brittany Henderson from Richton Park, Haydee Franklin from Springfield, Justin Rose from Chicago, and Zach Sullivan from East Moline. I appreciated the opportunity to learn about their experiences here at UIS as well as about their backgrounds and where they hope to be in the future. It’s great to hear that we are doing a lot of things right; but we are always looking to do better. One thing is clear, MAP grants are a crucial part of financial support for a large number of UIS students. We all know that family budgets are tight and a college education is costly. MAP grants are part of what helps insure Illinois students get in school, stay in school, and get that valuable bachelor's degree! The more college graduates we have in our state, the better for our economy and our communities. As Chancellor. I'm working hard to communicate that message to political leaders and decision-makers. Thanks Brittany, Haydee, Justin and Zach for sharing your stories with me!